Puppet Show in Dubai - HAMADI - THE CAMEL

Puppet Show in Dubai - HAMADI - THE CAMEL

This exciting adventurous story tells about friendship, mutual understanding and love for the native land. It tells us that friendship should be cherished and appreciated!

The action takes place in the Arabian desert. The author tries to convey in a brief episode of animal life different values, such as respect for elders, respect for food, respect for friends, call for assistance to the needy.

Grandfather Hakim - Old wise camel, with great love for his grandson, trying to convey to him the value of life, respect for work as well as love for their land.

Hamadi - Hakim's grandson, a mischievous little camel, not obedient, but with a kind heart.

Mabrouk - Hamadi's friend, kind, cheerful, trusting and a little naive sheep.

Saghir - Hamadi's friend, precocious, smart, responsible and serious young falcon. A friend to whom you can always rely on.

Duration - 30 min  English, Arabic and Russian languages

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