Puppet Show in Dubai - HAMADI - THE CAMEL

Puppet Show in Dubai - HAMADI - THE CAMEL

Embarking on a magical journey, our children's fairy tale aims to captivate and educate its young audience. It's not just about storytelling; it's about sparking a love for creativity in the hearts of children. In today's digital age, where technology and virtual worlds capture the imagination of the young, we also emphasize the importance of cherishing the cherished traditions passed down through generations.

Our puppet theater brings these enchanting tales to life in various venues:

- Schools, where the performance can be a highlight at events like National Day, Language Day (Arabic or English), Friendship Day, Earth Day, Ecology Day, celebrations of Dad/Grandfather, or themed lessons about the desert or our cultural heritage.

- Kindergartens align with educational goals through interactive workshops, art classes, and hands-on activities like drawing, crafting, or sewing puppets.

- Hospitals, orphanages, and boarding schools offer a ray of joy and a touch of magic to uplift spirits.

- Shopping malls, create a delightful entertainment experience for families.

Post-performance, we engage the children further with quizzes, interviews, or a master class to deepen their understanding of the themes. This approach ensures that the fairy tale's message resonates long after the curtains close, nurturing a love for creativity and tradition in our future generations.


In this enchanting fairy tale, we introduce a cast of characters, each with their unique traits and lessons to impart:

Grandfather Hakim:

An old, wise camel, Hakim embodies the essence of wisdom and love. He endeavors to teach his grandson about the value of life, the importance of hard work, and a deep appreciation for their homeland. His stories and teachings are the backbones of our narrative.


The spirited grandson of Hakim, Hammadi is a little camel full of mischief. While he may sometimes be a bit unruly, his heart is pure and kind. His adventures and misadventures are central to the story, providing humor and learning moments.


Hammadi's friend, Mabrouk is a cheerful, kind, and slightly naive sheep. His trusting nature and joyful demeanor bring a light-hearted touch to the tale, teaching children the value of positivity and trust.


Another friend of Hammadi, Saghir is a young falcon who is precocious, intelligent, responsible, and serious. He is the friend you can always count on, exemplifying reliability and wisdom beyond his years.

These characters create a vibrant world combining fun, education, and moral lessons. Through their interactions and adventures, children learn about respect, friendship, responsibility, and the importance of heritage, all woven into a narrative that is both engaging and enlightening.

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